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Our inaugural project in 2017 provided scholarship funds to over fifty students in primary/elementary and secondary schools in the Issele-Uku township of Delta State, Nigeria. Students were selected and awarded for academic achievement as well as need base. Funds were allocated to tuition and school supplies for students at all levels. To learn more about this project, click here.  

The Okwumabua Progressive Group contributed funds to a medical mission organized by the Issele-Uku Association of North America. The mission, launched in February 2019, enabled local physicians to examine, diagnose and treat more than 900 patients in the community of Issele-Uku. Prescriptions, medications, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, and other medical needs were provided to patients. The event was free of charge to all participants and lasted over a three-day period. Members of the Okwumabua Progressive Group also participated in the administration and facilitation of the mission in Issele-Uku.


Recently, OKPG has embarked on a long-term three-year project for 2020-2023, which is the construction of a global standard learning center for the region. Working with local architects we are endeavoring to build a basic and very practical learning facility, infused with technology that will allow students from the primary school to university level, participate in on-line learning with foreign academic institutes to obtain world-class education and certifications. We have mobilized the design phase and plan to embark on fundraising initiative for the project in the third quarter of 2020, due to the current economic climate.

We are in search of short-term projects to complete annually, in partnership with other non-profit organizations or as fiscal agent for other non-profit organizations.

Click here to submit projects for consideration. 

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