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The Okwumabua Progressive Group Inc. (OKPG) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to progressively advance the people of African ancestry by supporting and implementing initiatives that promote education, development and security. Launched in 2017, OKPG endeavors to make a lasting impact in Africa and the African Diaspora, with an initial focus on improving the quality of life for residents of Issele-Uku in Delta State, Nigeria, the ancestral home of the Okwumabua family.

OKPG is named after the Okwumabua family whose legacy and contributions have helped sustain the Issele-Uku community for generations. The Okwumabua family is also the custodian of a revered traditional designation, that allows it to promote governance and safety of the town, with respect to the culture and heritage of Issele-Uku. This special responsibility is one the family continues to uphold and revere with great honor. 

The Okwumabua family has a deep abiding faith in the transformative impact of education in people’s lives, as evidenced by a large number of educators and scholars in the family. Now resident in different countries and continents, descendants of the Okwumabua family have not forsaken their roots, and remain unified in the vision to uplift its people and homeland.


In the years preceding the formation of OKPG, the Okwumabua family was consistent in its commitment to improvement projects in the Issele-Uku community. Contributions to the community were achieved through partnerships and direct engagement, such as providing street lights for better safety, sponsoring community watch programs, campaigning for sustained power supply, road repair initiatives, establishing a community activity center, providing educational scholarships, and sourcing medical supplies for the local hospitals.


OKPG is committed to its mission for promoting opportunities for a better life in Africa and Diaspora communities around the world!

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